Portfolio - Four Seasons

Four Seasons

Four Seasons is a first person shooter game set inside the dream world of the main character.

My Role - collaborating with the rest of the team in creating the story and the goals of the game.

Working together with a graphical artist requesting props and getting inspiration for how to use these props.

Creating the first level of the game where the player learns the game, what weapons to use etc.

Playtesting, bug fixing and writing LUA scripts for getting objectives and dialogue into the game.

Applications used - FlowScript Editor for making LUA node trees for objectives.
Unity for placing 3D assets and lights.

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Development time - 10 weeks (50%.)

Team - 2 level designers, 4 graphical artists and 4 programmers.

Gametype - First Person Shooter.

Gametime - around 30 minutes.

Special Features

Voice Acting - Voice acting done by Olov Redmalm, Patrik Antonescu and Tindy Hellman.

Gameplay mechanics - Alternative Fire on weapons with ammo pickups, hidden doors and secrets.

Multiplayer - This game has a 2 player co-op multiplayer feature.

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