Portfolio - Strigoi


Strigoi is a Hack n' Slash game similar to Diablo 3 set in a time where vampires control the world.

My Role - collaborating with the rest of the team in creating the story and the goals of the game.
Coming up with objectives and first draft of the dialogue.
Playtesting, bug fixing and writing LUA scripts for getting objectives into the game.

Creating a somewhat seamless tutorial level where the player learns the most important mechanics.

Applications used - FlowScript Editor for making LUA node trees for objectives.
Unity for placing 3D assets and lights.

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Development time - 10 weeks (50%.)

Team - 2 level designers, 4 graphical artists and 4 programmers.

Gametype - Hack n' Slash.

Gametime - around 40 minutes.

Special Features

Voice Acting - Voice acting for all characters made entirely by Olov Redmalm.

Atmospherical effects - Particle effects (fog, fireflies).

Gameplay mechanics - Health orbs, AOE dmg/heal and Sprint

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