Portfolio - DM-Furnace


Furnace is my final map for Unreal Tournament 3 and is a medium/large sized winter themed Deathmatch map.

The level features an original layout and a detailed winter environment.

Development - With this level it started with an idea I had in mind about creating a map where the center and middle of the map would be a cliff with caves and such.

After beginning to sketch the top down of the level I realized that it would be too hard to properly balance the map around my original idea.
I decided to keep the cliff in the center of the map but cut off about 40% of the layout outside the cliff.
That way the layout would only go half a circle around the cliff instead of a full circle.

Custom Content - lava material, snow material, snow rock material. All other content is found within the game and is made by Epic Games.

Applications used - Unreal Engine 3 and Adobe Photoshop.

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Game - Unreal Tournament 3.

Game Type - Deathmatch.

Recommended Player Count - 6-10 players.

Layout - The level is centered around a big cliff which connects to the outer edges of the level by the use of two jump pads.
Using any of these two jump pads will transport the player up end through the cliff, there's a Double Damage power up placed inside this path trough the cliff and can only be acquired by using the jump pads.
Since this is a very quick path I balanced it out by having the players using these jump pads take a little fall damage.

Due to the secluded location of the Double Damage power up I did a quick script which triggers a gong sound whenever the double damage power up is spawned.

I've also balanced the level by placing the more powerful weapons in high risk places where a lot of action will take place to make sure the upper levels aren't abused for advantage.

The level is designed with the importance of z-axis gameplay in mind and has several different heights of playable areas.

Portfolio - DM-Alps' Dawn Duel 2

DM-Alps Dawn Duel 2 Screenshot 1

DM-Alps' Dawn Duel 2

Alp's Dawn Duel 2 is my first level for Unreal Tournament 3 not using an original layout.

The layout for this map is intentionally nearly identical to the Unreal Tournament 2004 map
DM-AlpsDawnDuelSE made originally by
Emmanuel 'Krolizard' Da Roit.

Development - By using a layout already made by someone else I saved a lot of time by not having to balance the gameplay.

Regardless I studied the layout of the level to completely understand why certain design choices where made.

The weapon layout helps focusing the action around the Rocket Launcher. Mostly because Rocket Launcher arguably is the most powerful weapon in the level but also because there's a Double Damage power up located above.

In order to spread some of the action to other parts of the level a Shield Belt is placed in the very middle of the level (heavily exposed to sniper fire, balancing risk vs reward.)

The toughest part of creating this level was to make it look and feel like the original without using the same assets.

Custom Content - snow rock material, metal floor materials, firefly particle effect. All other content is found within the game and is made by Epic Games.

Applications used - Unreal Engine 3 and Adobe Photoshop.

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Game - Unreal Tournament 3.

Game Type - Deathmatch.

Recommended Player Count - 2-6 players.

Layout - Instead of simply importing the layout from the original map. I decided to make it piece by piece while looking around in the original to make it easier to keep it authentic.

I had to scale the entire level up a little since the player size isn't the same in Unreal Tournament 3 as it is in Unreal Tournament 2004.
I took special care in recreating all jump distances and lift jumps the same as in the original.

The layout features a Double Damage power up located above the playable area and can only be reached either by the use of lift jumping from the lift below or climbing up through a cracked wall in the middle of the map.

Taking the Double Damage power up can be quite risky seeing as most of the action takes place directly below it. So using the lift jump can be a bit tricky, and climbing through the cracked wall is much slower.

Due to the lack of Adrenaline pickups in Unreal Tournament 3 I had to make some changes to the item layout.
In areas where the Unreal Tournament version had plenty of Adrenaline pickups I've placed armor pickups instead.

Portfolio - CTF-Legacy

CTF-Legacy Screenshot 1


Originally meant to be my final creation for Unreal Tournament 3.
Which is why the level is named 'Legacy'.

In order to create something original I used a mix of themes to make it stand out against the otherwise saturated look of most Unreal Tournament 3 levels.

The flag bases are located inside a volcano with lots and lots of lava.
The outside area is bright and lush which serves as a contrast to the grim look of the volcano.

Development - Creating this level turned out to be quite time consuming as I decided to scrap the original layout.
Which I had begun meshing out before realizing that it wasn't up to my expectations.

Another part of the development that cost me a lot of time was making the lava material.
It was however of big importance to make it look good as it's a big part of the visual aspects of the level.

Custom Content - lava material, crystal materials and a waterfall material. All other content was found within the game and is made by Epic Games.

Applications used - Unreal Engine 3 and Adobe Photoshop.

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Game - Unreal Tournament 3.

Game Type - Capture the Flag.

Recommended Player Count - 8-12 players.

Layout - During development I made a flag base layout that I quickly started meshing out and even trying out how it would look with proper lighting.

Unfortunately as I tested the gameplay I could see that the layout simply wasn't good enough.
While also the theme mix of industrial/cave/lava did not look quite as good as I had hoped.

Because of this I completely remade the layout which is shaped as a horseshoe where the flag bases are placed next to each other.

Quick access between the flag bases is blocked but you can still fire projectiles to the other side.
This creates an interesting gameplay element where defenders can shoot each other.
This makes it harder to defend the flag as you have to watch out not only for attackers but also for defenders in the opposing base.

At the outer edges of the layout (beneath the sniper tower) I have placed a Shield Belt pickup.
This placement will make it valuable for players to get here in order to boost their shield for an easier flag run.
Due to the limited visibility of the pickup, there's a rainbow which will be visible any time the Shield Belt pickup is available.

Portfolio - CTF-Incinerate

CTF-Incinerate Screenshot 1


Incinerate is a Batman themed Capture the Flag level for Unreal Tournament 3 that features a warthorn city theme.

The level is set during night time in order to allow some interesting lighting which is also fitting to the theme.

Development - This level was originally meant for the Domination game mode but I decided to modify the layout and make it into Capture the Flag.

My first layout centered heavily around high-speed trains intersecting the playable area.
While this was an interesting idea for Domination it would not be quite as good for Capture the Flag.
Instead I replaced that thought with having a derailed train at the center of the level, inspired by the Batman Begins movie.

I've placed a tower building outside the flagbases which has three levels,
both upper levels can be accessed through the huge elevator at the bottom of the building.
The upper level is reached by doing a 'lift jump'.

Different sides of the level are distinguishable by their usage of colored lighting (visible in the screenshots.)

In order to strengthen the Batman theme of the level I have included the Wayne Tower in the skyline as well as the bat signal and a Harvey Dent election poster.

Custom Content - Lava material, bat signal material, Wayne Enterprises decal texture, Harvey Dent poster texture and decal arrow textures. All other content was found within the game and is made by Epic Games.

Applications used - Unreal Engine 3 and Adobe Photoshop.

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Game - Unreal Tournament 3.

Game Type - Capture the Flag.

Recommended Player Count - 6-14 players.

Layout - This level features a large city type layout centered around a crashed train at the middle of the level.
This area is the most exposed area of the map which is enough cause to have a powerful pickup placed.
I used this opportunity to place a Redeemer at this location, this pickup is a one time nuclear missile which is sure to wreak plenty of havoc!

Within the layout I have also placed a Double Damage pickup inside a cargo container.
Since it's placed in a secluded area and isn't visible from many directions I have marked it's location by placing purple colored flood lights nearby.
This color is the same as that of the Double Damage pickup.

The cargo containers are placed in a way that requires the use of the translocator (teleport gun, can't be used while carrying a flag) or rocket jump.
This severely limits flag carriers access to the power up which is an important factor in balancing the gameplay of the level.

Because of the large scale of the layout. I have placed team colored arrow decals throughout the level to help guide players.
And since the layout is mirrored. Each side has difference in light color (red base has mostly red colored lights while the blue base has mostly blue colored lights.) Like my other levels for Unreal Tournament, this one is also quite heavy on the z-axis gameplay.

At both flagbases there's a small sniper balcony which has vision over most of the level.
I've balanced this out by having some indoor paths and plenty of ground cover to limit players vulnerability to sniper fire.

Portfolio - DM-Hibernate

DM-Hibernate Screenshot 1


Hibernate is a winter themed Deathmatch level for Unreal Tournament 3.

The level is small/medium-sized. In order to achieve a cold winter look for the level I used and modified Epic Games textures and materials.

Development - My first draft of the layout was for Domination; which is a team based control points game type where two teams fight over the control of three different control points.

However since Domination was not included with the retail version of Unreal Tournament 3 I decided to modify the layout slightly to make it better suited for Deathmatch.

A lot of the development time was spent on modifying materials and Post Process Volumes to make the atmosphere of the level really stand out.

I also completely blocked the level out with invisible walls to ensure smooth game play.

I added a snow weather effect to the level to strengthen the atmosphere of the level.
This combined with the fog, ice materials and overall frosted textures made the level feel cold.

Since this level was part of a collaborative project.
I was able to get a lot of feedback during development which helped me to push the quality to a high point.

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Game - Unreal Tournament 3.

Game Type - Deathmatch.

Recommended Player Count - 6-12 players.

Custom Content - Snow material, ice material and snow rock material. All other content was found within the game and is made by Epic Games.

Layout - The layout for this level was made with the intent of making it playable in 1on1.

I did however make it slightly larger than the average 1on1 level cause I wanted it to work for a few more players also.

The level is divided into three parts.
The middle indoor part, the rocket launcher area and the sniper backyard.

In order to spread the gameplay across all three areas; I placed a Double Damage power up above the middle indoor part of the level.
Players can reach it from the Rocket Launcher area through a risk-filled path and can then drop down into the sniper backyard.
This combined with the Shield Belt pickup I placed in the sniper backyard area will ensure that action happens in all areas of the level.

Since the Double Damage power up is placed where Players rarely will be able to see it.
I scripted an event that would activate sounds and particle effects (heard and seen from almost the entire level) whenever the Double Damage power up becomes available.

Portfolio - CTF-Eternity

CTF-Eternity Screenshot 1


Eternity is a medium sized Capture the Flag level for Unreal Tournament 3.

The level is set inside a lush cave and the playable area is populated by industrial themed buildings and a large bridge going through the middle area.

Development - This level was originally made as a Vehicular Capture the Flag level, which is the same as Capture the Flag but with vehicles.
However during development and beta testing I together with my beta testers came to the conclusion that the level would be better suited for regular Capture the Flag.

Due to the limited tropical assets at the time, I imported some bushes and palm trees from Unreal Tournament 2004.
While these aren't quite up to the standards of the Unreal Tournament 3 assets, they are decent enough to not look out of place.

Since the bases of the level are symmetrical, I added team colored crystals to both light up the cave and guide players around the level.

Custom Content - Crystal flare materials, firefly particle effects and god ray materials. All other content was found within the game and is made by Epic Games.

Applications used - Unreal Engine 3 and Adobe Photoshop.

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Game - Unreal Tournament 3.

Game Type - Capture the Flag.

Recommended Player Count - 8-16 players.

Layout - Originally intended in being my first Vehicular Capture the Flag layout.
I did however change this after getting feedback during Beta testing.

After implementing this change I realized that I would have to add more coverage and obstacles within the playable areas.
This because I couldn't have too much of these when there where vehicles within the map as vehicles would be tough to use with more obstacles.

In doing this I also reduced the usability of the Sniper Rifle to a point that made it balanced for the level.

As for the item layout of the level, I have placed a Shield Belt at the middle of the bridge which ensures most of the action to take place here.
I have also placed Berserk powerups on the far end of each teams side.

There are 4 different entries into the flag rooms, but only 3 exits.
This makes the flag harder to defend and forces defenders to protect the flag with other means than just camping the flag room.
After making it out of the base with the flag, players can choose between 3 different main paths to get through the middle area.
Players can however switch paths by the use of the elevator houses at the sides of the middle area, these connects the side paths to the bridge.